Cheap Window Glass Replacement And Repair in Melbourne, Dandenong & Surrounding Areas

Your residential or workplace is where you should feel the safest. However, sometimes accidents happen and glass repairs are required. It is dangerous to be leaving broken glass lying around for you to step on and cut your feet, and there is less privacy for you. This is where we come in. Our fantastic glass repair service is renowned throughout Melbourne and Dandenong, and we want to help you too.

Five Star Emergency Glass Replacement

 offers affordable Emergency glass repairs and replacement solutions for your Melbourne properties (residential and commercial) completed to perfection. We are a locally owned and operated window replacement and caulking company. We are experienced in working on all sorts of glass related work. We can offer our services on matters such as glazing, caulking, window frames, bathrooms, kitchens, glass repairs and pet doors.


Our Recent Works

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