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Did you get a cat for Christmas and you want to book a door installation to make sure she can come and go as she pleases while you’re at work? Are you looking for someone reputable who can help your four-legged friends make their own way outside when it’s toilet time (or to chase an insect), and come inside when they’re ready? Is your doggie door jammed?

Cat Door Installation Melbourne

Let’s face it, Melbourne is well known for its unpredictable changes in weather, from sunshine one second to pouring with rain the next. Instead of having to get up every time your dog or cat is scratching at the door to get away from the scary sky-water, give them the ability to take care of it themselves!

Dog Door Installation Melbourne


We provide you with affordable and efficient installations of pet doors of all sizes in Melbourne, from the smallest cat door to large doggie doors!

 Are you looking for a solution for your pet? We suggest you install all kinds of pet doors on glass. Quick and safe installation of cat doors and dog doors in melbourne

Cat and doggie door installation made easy

Life can be much easier with a doggie door to help you control the ins and outs to your home. Your furry family members can come and go as they please, leaving you free to get on with your busy life. We can supply and install glass pet doors in any Melbourne home in Australia at competitive prices. Let our team of talented and experienced experts provide an affordable solution that will provide convenient for you and your pet time and time again.

We also provide a range of other quality home services, from mirror fitting to glass replacements.

Book your pet door installation today

Whether you’ve got a great Dane, a chihuahua or a blue heeler, we’ll help you install a custom door to let them enter your home at their own leisure. Customers across Melbourne are fitting their houses with pet doors to let their cats and dogs come and go from Australia’s ever-changing weather as they please. As a beloved family member, your pet deserves the freedom in and out of your yard 365 days a year. This will also allow you to have a peace of mind regardless of whether you are home or not, knowing that your pet has 24/7 access to the safety of their home any time they need.

From pet door installations to glass replacement solutions, our range of services aim to provide a quick and easy solution that you can rely on. This means no steep prices, no interruption to your home life and no waiting around for weeks until our next available appointment. Call us now on 0413 417 039 or fill in our enquiry form for a free quote.

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