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Whenever people imagine a clean, spotless kitchen, they tend to focus on the stoves and tables. The walls can get overlooked, but that’s just what we like to focus on the most. Without the walls, the house would literately fall apart, and you would want them to look great too. This is why we love to work on designing and installing glass splashbacks in Melbourne homes. We want to complete the look you desire for your kitchen and bathroom.

Glass and mirror splashbacks are now the most popular solutions for new modern kitchen and bathroom designs. We offer professional installation, modification and upgrading of new and existing installations in Melbourne. We can fit glass splashbacks to existing or new buildings with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

glass splashbacks melbourne
Frosted Glass
Translucent Glass
Obscure Glass
Laminated Glass
Tinted Laminated
Cathederal laminated
Toughened Glass
Bevels/Flat polish
/Comfort plus
Starfire Glass
Double glazing
Splash back/colorback
Float glass/Mirror glass

Making your kitchen look modern and clean

The stereotype of a spotless house is for it to literately be sparkling clean. While that may not always be practical with your busy schedule, Five Star Glass and Caulking can certainly make the splashback on the wall do this. Glass is meant to be shiny and reflective, so why not let it help you show off your amazing kitchen.

Glass splashbacks will look fantastic in your bathroom

With all the shiny porcelain things around, such as the bathtub and basin, it only makes sense to have walls that do the same to match. After you wash yourself in the bath or shower, you feel great. You would want your bathroom to look as slick as you feel, and we can do just that for you. While they can absorb the warm steam from the shower, they simply look great.

We have a variety of different yet modern styles for you to choose from to create your ideal kitchen or bathroom. If you want these installed into your house, feel free to call us at (03) 8772 2400 to begin living in a modern looking house.

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