While there might be a variety of reasons your window receives a crack, there are two common definitions that will determine whether you can fix them yourself.

Types of Cracks

Cracks Caused by Impact

A misfired cricket ball, rocks flying in a storm – there is a variety of projectiles that could impact your windows and create a crack. It will typically create a spiderweb pattern spreading from the initial point of collision, and depending on the force of the impact, it is likely a professional will be needed to repair this crack.

Cracks Caused by Stress

If there are significant and rapid changes in temperature between the inside of your property and the surrounding environment, then it is likely that the stress placed on the glass will cause thin crack lines. For example, in the coldest parts of winter, if your home is heated, the temperature difference may prove too much. Fortunately, these are cracks you may be able to repair on your own.

Tools & Supplies to Fix Cracked Glass

Before you begin, be sure to gather the following supplies:

  1. Clean cloth or rags
  2. Putty knife
  3. Razorblades
  4. Glass cleaner and dishwashing soap
  5. Two-part epoxy
  6. Acetone

Step 1: Preparation

Once you have your supplies on hand, clean the pane that needs fixing with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. Use acetone to wipe away grease marks from fingerprints and dust particles which would otherwise cause problems when trying to stick the pieces together. This step is very important because silicone adhesive won’t dry well on dirty surfaces!

Next, mix the hardener and resin with the two-part epoxy in a well-ventilated area. Once mixed, you will have approximately 5 – 10 minutes before the mixture starts to harden.

Step 2: Application

Use the putty knife to insert the epoxy into the cracks, with care not to put too much on or it will ooze out as you press down onto the windowpane. If this happens, carefully wipe away any excess using a damp cloth until all is clean again. Once completed, leave time for the epoxy to dry; should there still be excess, take your razor blades and remove the excess (applying acetone may make this easier).

Step 3: Polish Finish

Finish the job by pouring a light portion of glass cleaner on your cloth or rags and gently polish the glass, diminishing the differences in the appearance of the filled cracks.

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