What is the Right Glass Option for My Shower Screen


There are a variety of options to consider when choosing the glass for your new shower screen. Each type of glass has specific advantages depending on what you are looking for in a shower aspect. Take a look at some more detailed information below from Fivestar Glass & Caulking to help you make an informed decision about which is best for you.

Translucent Glass

This type of glass is also known as “Clear Glass”, and is available in several grades depending on strength and clarity. Transparent glass offers neither privacy nor insulation, allowing light to enter your bathroom while still providing an unobstructed view through the shower screen. These windows are constructed using float glass, which provides increased durability compared to other types of glass. The reduced thickness of this type of glass allows heat to escape more easily than with other window styles, making it suitable for climates where heat retention is desired. It can be cleaned using either water or standard glass cleaners.

Frosted Glass

Similar to transparent/clear glass, frost-coated glass also does not provide much privacy or insulation. However, unlike regular clear glass, it provides a textured appearance giving the appearance of frost on the surface when viewed from outside. This can be made using either acid etching or sandblasting techniques. Frosted Glass is primarily used in bathrooms where any loss of natural light would be undesirable, usually because there are no windows or skylights present. It can also be cleaned using water and standard cleaners.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is made by sandwiching an interlayer between two sheets of regular float glass to greatly increase its strength and security level. When broken, this type of glass will generally stay together rather than shattering into pieces that may cause injury or damage to property. This spreads the force of impact over a wider area, leaving less chance for it to be concentrated in one place. Laminated glass also has improved soundproofing qualities when compared with other types of glass used in windows and doors.

Obscure Glass

Sometimes called “frosted obscure”, this is a tinted or reflective glazing that provides privacy, but allows some light through while reducing the onlooker’s ability to see inside. It can also be produced in clear form, obscuring only certain areas of the screen. Obscure glass is often also found on office windows or verandas where full privacy might not be desired, but partial privacy would prevent passers-by from being able to look into private spaces (such as bathrooms). It can also be cleaned using either water or standard glass cleaners.

For more information on your options on shower screen glass, contact the team at Fivestar Glass & Caulking today.

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Is It Possible to Recycle Window Glass After Replacement?

If you are looking to remodel or replace the windows in your property, it is highly likely that the frames and glass from your previous designs will needlessly end up contributing to a landfill. Given the pressure for us all to find new ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly, it is important to recognise that there are ways you can offer your leftover windows and window glass to be recycled and repurposed.

Firstly, Make Sure It Is Safe

While you may have good intentions to recycle your windows, it is important to first check it is safe to do so. Homes built prior to the 1980s often held paint containing a dangerously high content of lead, which can cause poisoning in some children. Disturbing the paint causes dust and fragments to break free, causing these lead substances to spread throughout the air to be breathed in, so be careful if you are working on an older property.

Recycling Centres & Applications

There is a range of recycling centres that take in discarded building materials to be reused back in both residential and commercial settings. Not all glass can be accepted, so it first must be separated from any pieces that have chips, cracks, and holes, as well as any glass that has been stained by substances you cannot clean off.

Take care in this separation process by covering the glass that cannot be used with a towel or thick cloth, and gently tap a hammer to chip out the section. It is also prudent to wear safety goggles and protective gloves to avoid airborne shards.

As window glass is often coated or constructed with specific chemicals, it will not be recycled like bottles and containers. Instead, it can be melted and re-forged into new materials, like fibreglass, asphalt, forms of road paints, and even a range of landscaping materials and decorative pieces.

Discover More on the Process of Window Glass Repair or Replacement

If you need window glass repair or replacement and would like more information on the process, please contact the professionals at Fivestar Glass & Caulking today. We can be reached by calling 0413 417 039, sending an email to info@fivestarglassandcaulking.com.au, or entering your preferred details on our online enquiry form, and we will get back to you with the information you require as soon as we can.

How to Know When My Window Can Be Repaired vs Needs Replacing

Is there a window within your property that is not working correctly? Maybe it won’t open or shut, or you’ve noticed there’s condensation between the panes of glass? Perhaps you simply came home one day to find a spiderweb of cracks split throughout the glass after impact with some kind of loose projectile?

If the issue with your window is something simple, then there is a good likelihood that you can fix it up nice and easy yourself. But what if the problem is more complicated than a DIY project? How are you to know when you need a professional to help replace your windows altogether? In this article, the technicians at Fivestar Glass & Caulking explore some common issues you may be experiencing to provide insights for your next steps.

H2 Condensation & Damage to Seals

Window seals are run along the edge of the window in order to minimise airflow in the property, but they can crack or even break after ongoing exposure to harsh weather and temperatures. Seal ruptures within double panes are often caused by condensation, which means that moisture has gotten behind them (usually as fog forms on the glass). The rapid heating and cooling cause the seals to repeatedly expand and contract, weakening their structural integrity. Replacing the windowpane will remove the moisture but, oftentimes, it will come back. The best thing to do in this case would be to replace your window, as the glass is hard to separate from the seal itself.

H2 Cracked or Broken Panes

The damage done to the actual pains for glass in terms of cracks, chips and full breaks can vary. Should you be lucky and realise they are largely just scratches, there are certain remedies you can perform with epoxies to salvage the window, given it hasn’t too greatly compromised the overall integrity. Naturally, if there is a gaping hole through the centre of the glass instead, you are going to need to have that replaced by a professional.

H2 Locked Mechanism or Hinge Issues

If your window will not open or shut correctly then there could be an issue with the locking mechanism, and you should try and work it loose first by wiggling it around in all directions and/or spraying lubricant such as WD-40 on it. If your problem persists you’ll need to replace something like the hinge or the lock itself depending on what caused it to stop working properly.

H2 Contact Us For Specialist Glass Repairs & Replacements

For more information on whether you need glass repairs or replacement, speak with us at Fivestar Glass & Caulking today.

How to Prepare My Home for Window Glass Replacement

Before the replacement of any window glass occurs, you will want to begin by taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety within your home throughout the installation process. The technicians at Fivestar Glass & Caulking have provided these simple, yet crucial steps to help:

Prepare a Workspace

Despite windows being considerably more sturdy than other glass products, it is no secret that they need to be handled with great care to avoid disaster. Technicians and installers will therefore need a cleared, open space around the workspace area to lay down any protective tarpaulin, prepare their tools, and simply avoid tripping hazards.

To help, be sure to remove any furniture or belongings that may be inhibiting functional actions within the workspace. If the replacement is occurring outdoors, be mindful of any plants or hedges that could add further difficulty to the job, and perform the necessary trims or relocation of pots where possible.

Occupy Pets & Small Children

Building on our last point, it is also important to ensure that any pets or small children are kept at a safe distance from the work area. Pieces of broken glass are dangerous enough without the range of tools and equipment required for installation added to the mix. Also, your technicians will need the freedom to move and carry panes of glass without the concern of a dog or toddler running underfoot, perhaps leading to a serious incident. Consider keeping your pets locked away throughout the duration of the installation, and keep a close eye on children by occupying their attention with something out of sight.

Plan Your Day Around the Installation

It’s unavoidable – despite how efficiently your team of technicians and installers work, window replacement will always place some disruption to your schedule. A member of the household will need to be present, just in case something is required throughout the process that the team cannot readily locate a solution to, and so it is crucial you plan your day around the installation to ensure your availability.

Leave Driveway/Garage Space Open

As window installations occur on your property, your technicians will have to bring their workshop to you. This is most easily done when there is space made readily available on the driveway or in the garage, ensuring efficient access to necessary supplies, and avoiding the team having to unpack/re-pack repeatedly every time a family member needs to pull their car out, lengthening the time of the project.

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Double Glazing in Australia – Is It Worth the Investment?

The decision to invest in double glazing for your property is a big one. It is a widely popular option across the world, especially in Europe and the United States, largely due to its ability to keep homes at a comfortable temperature, whilst holding an unmatched aesthetic. Given how unique our climate is, however, many Australian homes have single-pane windows, which do very little to keep cold air out during winter and heat out during summer. In this article, the team at Fivestar Glass & Caulking explore whether the investment in double glazing is worth it for Australian properties.

What Is Double Glazing?

Single pane windows may be easy on the eye, but in the long run, they’re bad for your wallet; warmth escapes through them during the winter, and heat pierces them with ease during the summer, leaving heating & cooling bills likely to skyrocket. This is where double glazing comes in.

As the name suggests, they are simply two panes of glass with a gap between them filled with an inert gas. The air between the layers of glass is what keeps heat from escaping your home during colder months, or oozing in during warmer seasons, which means lower energy bills!

Is Double Glazing Worth It?

Depending on which part of Australia you live in, it can be more beneficial for you to invest in double glazing windows than single glazed ones. If you live far inland and don’t have many cold days every year, then investing in double glazing may seem an unnecessary expense, but it can still benefit in lowering your costs associated with air conditioning. If you live near the coast, however, it can often feel like a balance between cold days and hot ones, so double glazing is certainly worth the investment! Include the added benefits of noise reduction, making it particularly useful for city-dwelling residents, and a desirable aesthetic, this choice only improves your living position.

What are Your Options with Double Glazing in Melbourne?

Although the initial cost of double glazing your home is more than that for single panes, it’s worth it. Not only will you save money on heating and cooling throughout the year, but you’ll also have a better-quality home that offers increased security and privacy while adding value to your property.

Here at Fivestar Glass & Caulking, we provide our consumers with all of their options for double and single glazed windows, to ensure they receive the right solution for their home. If you would like to learn more about the selection and installation services we have available, please feel encouraged to contact us today by calling 0413 417 039, sending an email to info@fivestarglassandcaulking.com.au, or completing our online enquiry form.

At Home Mixtures to Clean Window Glass

It may be surprising to learn that all you need to keep your windows looking great is a mixture of common household items. The best part is, it will only take you a few minutes!

Here are three simple ways to clean glass surfaces at home:

1) Mix Water and Vinegar for Streak-Free Windows

One way to give your windows that sparkling look is by making your own homemade solution using just white water and vinegar. This works well because vinegar has natural anti-fungal properties which kill mould spores on contact, while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin types. To make this solution, simply mix two cups of warm water with one cup of white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake well to ensure proper mixing, and spritz directly onto the glass surface. Then enjoy those streak-free, shiny windows!

2) Combine Water with Isopropyl Alcohol for a Streak-Free Shine

Another great mixture you can make for cleaning glass surfaces is a solution combining water and rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol also has anti-fungal properties to kill mould spores, giving your window an extra hand against germs that may cause illness or eye irritation. To make this solution, combine three cups of warm water with one cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray it on and scrub with a sponge, before rinsing down the glass with cool water and applying a squeegee to clean the glass.

3) Combine Water with a Little Bleach to Cut Grease and Grime

The next mixture for cleaning glass surfaces requires a little more elbow grease, but the final result is well worth it. For this solution, take one quart of warm water and one teaspoon of bleach. Again, mix well in a spray bottle, before proceeding to spritz directly onto your window surface and scrub using a clean sponge or rag. This combination should be used on glass surfaces that have been exposed to grease or other sticky grime, as this solution may not work well on normal dirt or dust. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use, and be careful of mixing in other chemicals or soaps – these do not work well with bleach and can create fumes harmful to your health.

Discover More On How to Properly Care for Your Glass

If you would like to learn more on how to properly care for your window glass on your property, contact us at Fivestar Glass & Caulking today.

How to Properly Clean Shower Screen Glass

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any household, and in the shower especially, there are many opportunities for liquids to splash up on the walls and floors, leaving the screen an unsightly mess if you do not clean it regularly.

In this article, we explore how to properly clean your shower screens, so they always look amazing!

Cleaning Tools & Materials Required

Before you start, prepare your:

  1. Source of warm & cool water
  2. Bi-carbonate soda & vinegar OR dishwashing detergent mixture
  3. Squeegee
  4. Microfibre cloth
  5. Cleaning cloth or brush
  6. Spray bottle


Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Solutions

To get started, you want to run hot water over the screen in order to warm the glass and make it easier to clean. Next, decide whether you want to use a mixture of bicarbonate soda & vinegar, or dishwashing detergent to clean your glass. The former option will provide a deeper clean (although possibly leave a strong residual smell), otherwise, you can choose whatever you have readily available.

Step 2: Apply Cleaning Solutions

Creating a solution of detergent, begin to scrub the shower screen using a liberal amount of water and your cleaning cloth or brush. Rinse when completed using cool water.

Alternatively, scrub the shower screen with your supply of bi-carb soda, but do not rinse. Instead, apply a spray of vinegar over the surface of the residual bi-carb, followed by a full rinse with cool water.

Step 3: Remove Cleaning Solutions

Take a squeegee and start at the top corner going downwards in smooth motions towards the bottom corner of the screen. Make sure there is no excess liquid sitting on top of the screen by pulling the squeegee upwards when done so it doesn’t drip everywhere when not being used.

Use a microfibre cloth to clean up leftover drops or streaks. Try not to dry it too harshly as the cloth is very delicate and can be ruined if done too roughly. Repeat this step if necessary.

Also, run the edge of the squeegee along the bottom side of screens to remove any residue or small particles not caught by the microfibre cloth. This step ensures your walls do not become spotted with leftover soap/cleaner solution particles, maintaining the look of the bathroom!

For more information on proper maintenance or shower screen replacement in Melbourne, speak with us at Five Star Glass and Caulking today. Call 0413 417 039, or complete our online enquiry form.

How to Fix Cracked Glass Windows

While there might be a variety of reasons your window receives a crack, there are two common definitions that will determine whether you can fix them yourself.

Types of Cracks

Cracks Caused by Impact

A misfired cricket ball, rocks flying in a storm – there is a variety of projectiles that could impact your windows and create a crack. It will typically create a spiderweb pattern spreading from the initial point of collision, and depending on the force of the impact, it is likely a professional will be needed to repair this crack.

Cracks Caused by Stress

If there are significant and rapid changes in temperature between the inside of your property and the surrounding environment, then it is likely that the stress placed on the glass will cause thin crack lines. For example, in the coldest parts of winter, if your home is heated, the temperature difference may prove too much. Fortunately, these are cracks you may be able to repair on your own.

Tools & Supplies to Fix Cracked Glass

Before you begin, be sure to gather the following supplies:

  1. Clean cloth or rags
  2. Putty knife
  3. Razorblades
  4. Glass cleaner and dishwashing soap
  5. Two-part epoxy
  6. Acetone

Step 1: Preparation

Once you have your supplies on hand, clean the pane that needs fixing with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. Use acetone to wipe away grease marks from fingerprints and dust particles which would otherwise cause problems when trying to stick the pieces together. This step is very important because silicone adhesive won’t dry well on dirty surfaces!

Next, mix the hardener and resin with the two-part epoxy in a well-ventilated area. Once mixed, you will have approximately 5 – 10 minutes before the mixture starts to harden.

Step 2: Application

Use the putty knife to insert the epoxy into the cracks, with care not to put too much on or it will ooze out as you press down onto the windowpane. If this happens, carefully wipe away any excess using a damp cloth until all is clean again. Once completed, leave time for the epoxy to dry; should there still be excess, take your razor blades and remove the excess (applying acetone may make this easier).

Step 3: Polish Finish

Finish the job by pouring a light portion of glass cleaner on your cloth or rags and gently polish the glass, diminishing the differences in the appearance of the filled cracks.

If you require further assistance with your window glass repairs or replacement in Melbourne, please feel encouraged to contact us at Five Star Glass and Caulking today by calling 0413 417 039, or leave your details on our online enquiry form.

How to Select the Type of Window Glass for My Home

As a homeowner, you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to maintaining and decorating your property. New windows can be a big part of that effort, allowing more light and offering attractive views, both internally and externally. Knowing which type of window glass is right for you will help you find the perfect design elements for your home.


Glass Types for Windows

Single Pane

This option is no longer a popular choice, given its poor ability to insulate temperature within your property and minimise noise production. They do, however, offer an old-world aesthetic that can aid your wider property’s theme.

Double pane

This type of window glass has two panes separated by a space that is filled with insulating gas, such as argon or krypton. It, therefore, offers improved insulation and better noise control than single-pane windows. They can also have highly aesthetic tinting options, however, because they require more glass than other options, can be harder to clean.

Triple pane

As the name suggests, triple plane glass is the next evolution with a third sheet of glass introduced and separated by more insulating gas. This, naturally, provides further noise cancellation and insulating properties, saving on ongoing energy expenses, but costing more to install.


Acrylic windows feature one pane of acrylic plastic instead of traditional glass panels. The acrylic is held in place using a spacer instead of an air pocket like other types, making it easier to produce larger panes that won’t break. When compared with double or triple-pane windows, these can also prove less expensive. Acrylic windows don’t offer the same insulation capabilities as other options, though. Heat transfer through them can easily occur because they aren’t completely sealed against air leaks

Tempered glass

Manufacturers heat large sheets of glass until the surface is soft, then quickly cool it so it becomes several times stronger than normal glass. It’s often used for both residential and commercial windows because it offers higher strength and resistance to thermal breakage. Tempered glass is much safer if broken, too. Instead of splintering like traditional glass, shards of tempered glass crumble into small chunks that are less likely to cause serious injury.

Laminated Glass

This type features two layers of heat-treated interlayers with a thin layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) resin sandwiched in between them. One or both layers can be made from low-e (low emissivity) materials. This type provides excellent insulation and soundproofing, as well as protection against burglars, flying debris, and windstorms.

Learn More on Window Glass Replacement in Melbourne

As you can see, there are several types of window glass available to homeowners today. For more information about your options and the processes behind window glass replacement in Melbourne, contact us at Five Star Glass and Caulking by calling 0413 417 039, or leaving a message on our online enquiry form.

Commercial Shop Front Doors

Impress Your Customers with Stunning Commercial Shop Front Doors

Want a more stylish and flashy shop front to attract customers? At Five Star Glass and Caulking we give you trendsetting and modern shop fronts with our incredible craftsmanship. Your shop front is the first thing customers or potential visitors see when they come to your business. So, come talk to us to see which one of our services can help give you a beautiful exterior that will make even passers-by stop and take another look.

Commercial shop front doors should have a well thought out design to match the aesthetic of not only your branding but also the location that your business is in.  We have trendy aluminium shop fronts and windows that are sure to stand out in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life.

From Glass to Aluminium: Melbourne’s Shop Front Basics Covered

When you need commercial aluminium windows for your Melbourne shop front, or want some sleek glass doors for your hotel, our builders are already two steps ahead and ready to help you come up with a design. We have a range of products and styles to suit small retail stores or large corporate buildings.

Our company understands every business wants different elements to their design: some like automatic sliding doors while others prefer something more adventurous with a revolving door. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to different industries. Our team listens to you and creates a solution that meets your needs.

Five Star Glass & Caulking is a locally owned and operated company making businesses aware of the importance of a tasteful exterior. All our doors and windows are built for long lasting use, minimal wear and tear, and are of the highest quality. We take great pride in our work and have the expertise for a job well done. Call us up to talk shop and get some ideas flowing!

Get an obligation-free quote on your new aluminium shop front

Want to know what we can do for you? Got a vision in mind that you want to become reality? We offer free, no obligation quotes on caulking, shower screens, glass splashbacks, and more, and are always happy to talk business with new clients. Be sure to also ask us about our other services like glass repair and replacement to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your property.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0413 417 039 or fill out our enquiry form for any questions you might have.

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